Recommendations on the Day of Surgery

When our patient is taken from the operating room to the service, it is expected that he has weakness, coldness and sore throat due to the effect of anesthesia. There may also be nausea. If nausea is high, service personnel can be informed.

Nothing including water should be eaten or drunk for at least 3 hours after surgery. After 3 hours, first water, then foods that are not too hot and not hard can be consumed gradually.

It should be in a high position so that the head of the bed is at least 30 degrees.

Room temperature should not be high. (Ideal between 22 and 24 degrees)

When the patient feels good, he can stand up and walk in a way that does not tire himself. However, he should not stand up suddenly so that the blood pressure does not decrease.

Postoperative ice application is important in terms of preventing bruising. We recommend applying ice for 20 minutes and resting for 10 minutes so that it continues at night.