Approach to Rhinoplasty

The nose is the organ that protects the respiratory system, purifies the air we breathe from dust by filtering it, heats it, moisturizes it, provides smell, contributes to the resonance in speech and has many more tasks. In addition to its duties, it is also important in terms of beauty; it is located in the center of the face and expresses the character of the face”. 

Success in nose surgery depends on the correct establishment of function and aesthetic balance. The aim of functional and aesthetic surgery is to obtain results in a personalized and in full harmony with the facial features by taking the healthy and beautiful nose anatomy in the unoperated noses as a reference. 

Functional surgery of the nose includes interventions such as correction of the curvature of the middle compartment (septum), reduction of the nasal flesh (turbinate) on the side wall, removal of nasal tunnel strictures (nasal valve problems). Aesthetic surgery of the nose involves the shape changes that the person sees when they look in the mirror and the aim is to obtain a natural, beautiful nose shape that is compatible with the facial features of the person. Another important point is the elasticity of the tip of the nose, which looks natural when you look at it, and it should feel natural when the nose is touched. Gaining experience in each of these requires years of work. Question the experience of the doctor to whom you will entrust your nose in the functional and aesthetic surgery of the nose.  In fact, every physician knows that in order to be successful in nose surgeries, regular and frequent surgery is needed, which is possible only if the surgeon devotes all his energy and time to nose surgery.

Question the details of the method to be applied in nose surgery. Each surgical method has its own advantages and disadvantages, there is no single best and standard surgical technique. Of course, it is very important for the surgeon to have detailed information about the different techniques to be applied, but when the surgeon encounters a complication related to this technique, he should also have the experience to treat the complication and achieve the desired result.  

“Rhinoplasty is the surgery of millimeters”. This surgery is done to breathe healthy and look beautiful, that is, to be happier. The key to success in rhinoplasty, this happy result, is the mutual trust between the patient and the doctor. The patient and the doctor are two separate individuals with different conceptions of beauty. After a detailed analysis in the consultation, the necessary procedures for nasal health will be explained in detail by the surgeon. For rhinoplasty, it is very important that the patient and the physician talk about every detail to be done by allocating enough time and discuss their aesthetic understanding in mutual detail. It is very valuable for you to be adequately informed in the consultation and to feel that a mutual trust has been formed in order to make the right decision. Instead of making a decision immediately in the first meeting, it is the most appropriate for the patient to think calmly by giving himself time and if new questions come to his mind, after discussing them in a separate interview, if the feeling of confidence still continues, it is most appropriate for the patient to decide on surgery. In this process, I usually recommend that my patients meet with other surgeon friends. Thus, he will have the chance to choose the surgeon with whom he feels a feeling of complete confidence and thinks it is right for him. If, despite everything, there are still question marks and unclear emotions in the patient’s mind, canceling or postponing the operation is much better for the patient and for the surgeon. The result of the nose surgery performed by making the right decisions is also successful and contributes to the happiness of the patient by making a positive psychological effect.