Primary Rhinoplasty

There are two types of rhinoplasty; open technique and closed technique. In fact, these are the same surgeries, only the ways of reaching the nasal skeleton are different. What determines the outcome of the surgery is the detailed analysis of the problems and the application of the correct surgical techniques to the nasal skeleton. We prefer open technical rhinoplasty more with the advantage that the nasal skeleton can look better and perform more detailed procedures. We rarely use the closed method in patients who will undergo small procedures on the bone roof of the nose. We recommend the most accurate approach to the patient by taking into account the nose anatomy of the patient.

Depending on the degree of difficulty, we aim for what is best for you by working meticulously for an average of 3 hours for a primary rhinoplasty operation (the first time nose surgery) and an average of 3-5 hours for secondary (revision, previously unsuccessful nose surgery). Instead of performing a standard rhinoplasty, the purpose of performing personalized surgical maneuvers by focusing on the finest details is to achieve the best result in your surgery and to spend the effort required to make it your last surgery. 

Beautiful nose is the nose that looks natural when you look at it and feels flexible, natural when you touch it. In order to obtain a “nose tip that feels flexible, natural to the touch”, the surgeon must patiently re-establish the nasal tip support mechanisms without deviating from shortcuts. We argue that every maneuver performed in surgery, every millimeter touch has long-term results and we apply the surgical technical details with this awareness. The surgery is finished only when the goal of a healthy-breathing, natural and beautiful nose is achieved.

Rhinoplasty is the process of establishing a new balance of forces. After the operation, it will take 12-18 months for these details to settle down. In order for the long-term result to be the best, we follow you until a full recovery is achieved in your nose and make the necessary recommendations and applications.

Instead of the standard aesthetic understanding, we adopt the idea that every nose and face is unique to the person. The personalized nose is formed by the millimeter touches of the surgeon, taking into account the facial features, and expresses the character of the face.