Post-Discharge Recommendations

Antibiotics, painkillers, nasal pomades, nasal sprays and anti-sneezing-itching medicines will be prescribed for you to use after discharge. You need to use antibiotics and painkillers for 5 days, nasal spray, pomade, and allergy medication until tampons come out. In addition, pomade tampons will be used into the nose for 1 month after removal. Apart from these, we recommend that you do not use medication without consulting us.

Ice application should be continued for 2 days after discharge with 20 minutes of ice – 20 minutes of rest . When there is a break from the ice, you can take short walks around the house.

It is important that the nostrils are clean so that the tampon is removed painlessly and you can breathe through the nose. You can apply the nasal spray to the nostrils at intervals of 2 hours and the nasal pomace 3 times a day without forcing the stitches.

We recommend that the head of the bed be high for 1 week.

It is important that the room temperature is not high in terms of bleeding risk. The first 1 week is more important and you need to pay attention to this situation for 1 month.

It is normal to have bleeding from the tip of your nose in the form of slight leakage, and the small pads placed can be replaced quite a bit of leakage, and if there is no leakage, it can be completely discarded.

You can take a shower 2 days after surgery. We recommend that you take a shower without wetting the nasal cast, as warm as possible and not for long.

Nasal cast and tampons will be removed between the 4th and 7th days after surgery. Taking a shower on the day you arrive, soaking the plaster well will make the plaster come out more comfortably. When the cast and tampon are removed, your nose will appear swollen to you. This situation is normal and will improve over time,

The stitches at the tip of the nose and inside the nose are melting stitches and do not need to be removed. Within a month it will dissolve on its own. The stitches in the nose are purple in color and may hang from the tip of the nose , this is normal and you can cut the seam without pulling too much.

We recommend that you avoid mimic movements for 1 month after surgery. Avoid exercises that require effort for 1 month after surgery. You can swim 1 month after surgery.

You should not use glasses for 3 months after surgery. Then you can choose glasses that are not heavy.