Op. Dr. Oğuz Kaan Önder

We have been serving our patients for years in the fields of rhinoplasty, nasal health and botox. All our effort is to make beautiful and healthy noses for the happiness of our patients.

We are proud of making nearly 5000 patients happy so far.




Approach to Rhinoplasty

The nose is the organ that protects the respiratory system, purifies the air we breathe from dust by filtering, warms and humidifies it, provides smelling, contributes to resonance in speech, and has many other functions. Besides all these duties…
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Primary Rhinoplasty

There are two types of rhinoplasties; open technique and closed technique. These are the same surgeries, the only difference is the way they reach the nasal skeleton. What determines the outcome of the surgery is the detailed analysis of the problems and the application of the right surgical techniques…….
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Revision Rhinoplasty

In the rhinoplasty operation, even very small mistakes can appear as distinct asymmetries, respiratory dysfunctions, and irregularities in the form of protrusions and troughs on the dorsal and tip of the nose. Nose revision surgery…
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Fillers and Botox

It is a fact that filling and botox injections, which have gained a solid place in the beauty industry and are now as common as an anti-aging cream, have radically changed the approach to delaying aging today…
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Why Piezo (Ultrasonic) Rhinoplasty?

• It reduces soft tissue trauma. So, there is almost no bruising and swelling.
• It provides a more elegant nasal dorsal and nasal tip transition.
• It completely avoids uncontrolled bone fractures that can occur with the chisel and hammer method.
• Since it does not cause damage to the soft tissues, surrounding blood veins, and cartilage, recovery is faster in the postoperative period.
• More visionary results can be achieved with millimetrically measurable bone shaping.
• It reduces complications and unwanted situations after rhinoplasty.


Booking an Appointment

You can start your process by contacting us.

Meeting and Informing

Giving information about rhinoplasty and meeting.

Examination and Design

Nasal health check and tailor-made nose design planning.

Surgery Day

Welcoming by our private team at the hospital which we trust for its service quality and getting prepared for the operation by giving support in all processes.


Detailed follow-up of all post-operative processes.

Opr. Dr. Oğuz Kaan Önder performs all his surgeries in a full-fledged hospital environment. He doesn't carry out any surgical intervention in doctor’s office.